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Shabbat Minyanaires

     Okay, it sounds like a great name – what is it?
    Quite simply, the Shabbat Minyanaires is a group of people who help us
 maintain a minyan each Shabbat morning.
Thank you to all of our Shabbat Minyanaires.

Two men are being interviewed for a survey about Jewish prayer practices.
They are both regular synagogue attendees.  In response to the question,
“Why do you come to services?,  Sam answered:  “I come to talk to God.” 
and Herb responded, “I come to talk to Sam.

We look forward to your joining us for services, camaraderie and community connection.

Each week during Shabbat services, it is our custom to
recite a
Mi Sheberach prayer for all those who are ill 
in our community.
If you know of someone for whom you 
would like to have their name
included, please call 
the office (781-762-8670).

Please provide the person’s Hebrew name, including the mother’s name, but if not known, there is no problem with saying the name in English.  Also, please either indicate for how many weeks you would like to have the person’s name included or please let us know when they have
hopefully recovered so that we can remove their name
from the list.



Light and goodness are not beyond our grasp. We should not defer or postpone
joy and blessing. We need only to begin to choose life. A spiritual life, a calm life,
a life immersed in love is within our grasp. Reach. All things are connected. The
world of the spirit speaks to you in a hundred voices. Listen with the heart-beat of
your soul.  Life is an adventure toward beauty. The grandest of journeys begins
with a single step. May God bless you on your way.
                                                             Make the body a throne for the mind,
                                                                   The mind a throne for the spirit,
                                       The spirit a throne for the soul.
                                Then the soul too becomes a throne     
                                       For the light of the Presence
                                                That rests upon it.
                                   The light spreads forth around you
                                                                And you, at the center of that light,
                                                                        Tremble in your joy.
                        —Adapted from Your Word Is Fire, edited by Arthur Green and Barry Holtz

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